So You Really Do Want A Newfie? 

To Begin: The Proper Attitude


Searching for a Newfoundland puppy can be a long, and sometimes frustrating, process.

If you're looking for your first Newfie, chances are good that you'll find yourself in a seller's market. Newfoundland dogs are just not that common, and puppies from good breeders are typically spoken-for even before they are born.

You may have already heard from two or three breeders who have told you, "Sorry, no puppies available right now."

You may have been confronted by a breeder who looked you up and down like an airport security screener, then grilled you about your experience with dogs, the size of your yard, the age of your kids, your work schedule, and whatever-reason-on-Earth you might have for thinking you could provide a good home for one of her puppies.

(You may have found yourself muttering, "I don't want to marry your daughter; I just want to buy a dog!")


So when you do find a breeder who says, "Yes, I have puppies available, and I'd be happy to sell you one," it's all too tempting to jump with joy and yell, "Eureka!"

But that's exactly when you need to step back and take a good long look at things.

That breeder who's so eager to sell you a dog right away might not be doing you any favors, and that cold Inquisitrix with the withering gaze might turn out to be the best friend you and your dog will ever have. It's going to take some effort to find out who's who and which is which, but it's worth doing.

Remember: you are not buying a toy.

You are adding a family member.

Do it right.

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The Proper Attitude

Take Your Time

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