Complete And Total Devastation


Well, not really, I guess. Some of our possessions are still intact, and there's hope that the house remains structurally sound.

Wonder if our insurance policy covers the damage caused when a chipmunk wanders into your home and your four Newfies give chase?

Furniture upended, potted plants knocked over, lamps on the floor... oy.

And the worst thing is I can't be sure the little feller isn't still hiding some place in the house. I lost sight of him while I was rounding up the dogs and throwing them outside, and for all I know, he's just laying low, and all hell will break loose again when he decides to try an escape again.

I've let the dogs back inside to help me pinpoint his location. So far they're not showing any signs that they think he's still around, but I dunno.

Wish me luck...

She Came In Through The Back Deck Window

On another occasion: finding the back door closed, Mary tries entering the house through the living room window; halfway through, she decides it's not such a good idea.



In My Bathroom Glass This Morning


Dog hair, what do you think?

Why else would I be writing about it here?

And I'm telling you, there's no feeling like brushing your teeth and going to rinse out your mouth, and suddenly finding yourself spitting out a great big clump of Newfie fur.

Ptoo! Ptoo! Ptooey-ooey-oo!!!

"How could it have gotten there?" my wife asked.

Foolish question! With four of them, Newf hair is everywhere.

That's life, people! Right?

Just like what I've been doing this rest of this morning: varnishing the nice new knotty pine on the rec room wall. Sweep, vacuum, run over the wall with a tack rag... doesn't matter. As I run the brush up and down the tongue-and-groove, every third board finds me picking a strand out of the sticky polyurethane.

Lord knows how many I'm missing, too, but I just figure one day the light will hit the wall in just the right way to show them off, and I'll think to myself, "Lord, it was sure something living with four Newfies all those years."

But I do think I'll give the bathroom glass a quick swish ahead of time from now on.


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