YOu Don't Want A Newfie 

They're Messy


"Wait a minute," you say. "Weren't we just talking about the way they drool?"

Yes, but spewing saliva over everything is not the only way a Newf will mess up your House Beautiful.

For one thing, they shed...oh, do they shed.

If you get a Newfoundland dog, you'd better prepare yourself for a life filled with dog hair. You'll find dog hair on your carpet, under the fridge, on your clothes... and yes, in your dinner.

Am I exaggerating? Well, consider this: when Newf owners get together, one of their favorite topics of conversation is comparing notes on vacuum cleaners.

This should tell you something.


What's more, these big lovable goofballs are very good at finding mud to play in, but they're not real careful about wiping their feet when they come inside.

As one owner wrote online, it's definitely not just the drool that makes a Newfie so messy to have in your home:

The worst part is the mud and hair also- it is EVERYWHERE. I have to blow out every dish before using it, it is in drawers, clothes, couches (and they are not allowed on them) just them walking by and brushing up against them adds hair- when they are wet and muddy they wag their tails and woosh- mud is EVERYWHERE!! on the walls, on the couch, dishwasher, refrigerator you name it and it has had mud on it at some point!

And this is someone who really loves Newfies talking, okay?

Wet Newfie

"Can I come in, please? "


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They're Messy

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